A big thank you to all those that once again kindly donated to a worthy cause, thank you.

The beginning of the Movember season is upon us. So please feel free to sponsor a good cause in aid of those Moustaches.


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dr.'s page 3 debut!

dr-barbers-small-page-3Find out why dr. will do anything to earn a bit of extra cash... all for a good cause of course!

Super Heroes come to Ampthill

super-heroes-in-ampthillSUPERHEROES took over a town centre on Friday to raise money for Children’s Hospice Week.


Ampthill-based Bonfire Creative Intelligence has brought together business ‘superheroes’ in the town to raise money for Keech Hospice Care, the company’s nominated charity this year.  Superhero Friday is held annually as part of Children’s Hospice Week to raise money.

Totally Locally comes to Ampthill

DrBarbersDon't let the rain spoil the day. Ampthill businesses are open from 1-4 

and support us.

Amprocks web site link

amprocksThe Ampthill festive weekend- Avoid disappointment tickets are going at a rapid rate, so why not pop into dr.barbers and by your ticket or better still ticket's.

See you soon


A usefull link on Amprocks if in need of help finding us or other local amenities, see the link below.

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